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12 - DC207 April CTF

DC207's April 2020 CTF Recently I took part in a CTF put on by my local DefCon group . I had a lot of fun, learned some cool stuff and decided to do a writeup as I acquired all the flags. The CTF was split into four categories, 'Fun Fun Fun Fun', 12 puzzle-style questions, and three virtual machines. Fun Fun Fun Fun #1 If only it were that easy Solve the puzzle for the solution: yetz{lhfxpaxkxhoxkmaxvbiaxk} It's a caesar cipher! ROT[ate]7! flag{somewhereoverthecipher} #2 Horse Meatballs Attached is the clue. Decode the message, the flag is the name of the source of the content: notavirus.wav Hmm, well, since it's not a virus I downloaded the file and opened it. After collecting my computer parts and reassembling it after I threw it out the window in my haste to disconnect it from my network, I realized the beeping noises were *gasp*, MORSE COOOOooode. Using , you can upload morse code files for decoding. Or, if you'r